We help our clients to wrangle and understanding their information, by shining light on the dark secrets that evade them. We believe that this empowers and enables them to make better decisions faster.

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Our Story

The ability to have accurate, recent and regular insights into key data within a business remains a critical tool required by management. Without this, management is thwarted in their efforts to identify strategic priorities effectively, craft the appropriate approaches and understand efficacy and results thereof. Often then, the decisions made lead to less than desirable outcomes.

MacroAnalytics specialises in business intelligence, data analysis, and data services. We assist organisations in providing genuine insight into their businesses by merging the open and hidden data to their business strategy and vision, thereby providing the management of the organisation with a complete decision support system.

We strive to turn vision into value, and then value into visualizations so that you can measure it graphically or geographically if you want. We want to shine a light on the dark data in your organisation(s), and consolidate the information to give you one version of the truth, whereby eliminating any confusion caused by receiving multiple figures about the same subject matter. We want to automate your monthly financial packs, and give your people back the time that they so desperately want, and need to make decisions from the information instead of compiling the information.

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. " Daniel Keys Moran

If you are an executive. I have a few simple questions?

  • You most probably employ people to work with excel in your business to create information for you to consume.
  • So, if that is the case, then why are you working on excel yourself creating information?
  • Why are you not consuming the information and making decisions?
  • Why are you working in your business instead of on your business?
You should have all your data at your fingertips, and be able to make decisions to move your business forward. You should not be working on your laptop, ideally, you shouldn't have a laptop.
If you are managing to achieve the above, then I applaud you, if not speak to us so that we can assist you by creating data driven efficiencies in your organization to accelerate you ahead of your competition and put you in the winner’s circle in your industry.
  • We love what we do ♡