Christopher is a marketing and research service.

He is a sophisticated real-time social media data profiling platform that enables organisations to discover what their customers are saying about them, as well as their competitors.

With the ability to profile consumers into various segments by enriching the data, and analysing the information, we can then provide disruptive targeted marketing into whichever sector we decide to generate leads from.

Christopher will track, analyse and report on the following, across social media in question

  • Who is talking about you/your brand/event etc
  • How many times they have spoken about it
  • Who these people are (demographics and psychographics)
  • Exact locations of where they post from
  • The sentiment of their posts (positive, negative or neutral)
  • Overall reach, impressions, clicks and engagement
  • The content of the posts (extra charge)
  • User Profiles (extra charge)


  • Immediate, tailor made targeted audience and social media posts
  • Broader targeted reach and input due to profiling during campaigns
  • Measurable ROI on targeted marketing
  • Reporting on research, intelligence, consumers and competitors
  • Real-time response time is less that 3 seconds after twitter engagement
  • Brand sentiment analysis
  • CRM tool
  • Consumer insights into consumer trends and behavior
  • Human Verification where available.. questions, sarcasm, etc.
  • We love what we do ♡